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Double Jonghyun + Ice Bucket Challenge (x x)

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CNBLUE New Japanese Album 「WAVE」

Release Date: 17th September 2014

M1. Intro
M2. Radio
M3. Go your way
M4. Truth
M5. Foxy
M6. lonely night
M7. Still
M8. Paradise
M9. Angel
M10. Control
M11. How awesome

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Sooyoung’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - She does not just do the challenge itself, she takes the time to upload seven videos to explain the cause and increase awareness, detail the ways to donate to ALS and do the challenge. Forever an inspiration; and I’ll always proud to be your fan ♥

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Itching nose

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@watasiwahyo: 프리실라~~~~ 판타스틱 @priscila


@watasiwahyo: 프리실라~~~~ 판타스틱 @priscila

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the first time in 2 years we get to hear the leader saying their greeting

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jongin slipping

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